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Toni Lawrimore, DSW, LGSW, LMSW

Trauma, Traumatic Grief, Anxiety, Existentialism, Religious Trauma, Childhood Trauma, Trust Issues

Therapy Approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Solution-Focused, Somatic Experiencing, Harm Reduction, Polyvagal Theory, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy

Toni Lawrimore, DSW, LGSW, LMSW

Toni Lawrimore is a Doctor of Clinical Social Work, a Licensed Master of Social Work in South Carolina, and an LGSW in the District of Columbia.  She earned her Doctorate in Clinical Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.  Toni received her Master of Social Work and Master of Public Health with a focus in gender-based violence from the University of South Carolina.  She brings a decade of working with trauma survivors in various settings and an understanding of traumatic grief to the therapeutic relationship. 


Toni has a special interest in working with fellow members of the LGBTQ+ community, adolescents, teenagers, adults, and groups. She recently completed her research as part of her DSW with the University of Pennsylvania, where her research focused on the treatment and impact of fundamentalist religion on vulnerable populations. Through this work, she has experience in working with anxiety, depression, existentialism, religious-exiters, religious deconversion, the impacts of purity culture, and religious trauma.  


She is passionate about working with people from all walks of life through a lens of understanding trauma and traumatic grief by utilizing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, (DBT) solution-focused therapy, somatic experiencing, polyvagal theory, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and narrative therapy.

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