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About Therapeutic Links

Therapeutic Links is a behavioral health company serving the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.  Our mission is to promote wellness in all forms and provide best practices that will produce life-long health.


We take pride in using evidence-based treatments to give our clients the tools they need to move forward in life.  Our clients are able to better understand themselves in ways they never had before. We help our clients identify unhelpful thought patterns and provide strategies that will lead to positive behavior change.  These new skills will be useful for both now and in the future.


With our experience, skills and assistance, our clients feel empowered to manage a range of problems including: depression, anxiety, addiction, various traumas, substance abuse, stress management, self-esteem issues, family, marital or other relationship problems. 

At Therapeutic Links you will receive assistance with:

  • Improving skills such as problem solving, decision making and communication

  • Life transitions

  • Breaking unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns and replace with new ones

  • Finding new ways to deal with challenging situations in life when you become frustrated

  • Prioritizing so you don’t feel overwhelmed and problems can become more manageable

  • Identifying and accomplishing goals

  • Exploring new support systems and/or utilizing existing ones

  • Healing from trauma, grief and loss

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