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Khaliah Sweeney, LGSW, LMSW

LGBTQ+, Autism, Life Adjustments, Life Transitions, Depression, Anxiety, Relationship Conflict

Therapy Approaches

Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused, Psychodynamic

Khaliah Sweeney, LGSW, LMSW

Khaliah Sweeney is a native of Washington D.C. She holds a license as a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) in both Washington, D.C. and Maryland (LMSW) . She earned her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Simmons University in Boston, MA. With a background in long-term care and outpatient settings, Khaliah has honed her skills in serving diverse populations, including youth, adolescents, young adults, middle-aged adults, and elders.

In her practice, Khaliah specializes in assisting individuals facing various mental health challenges, such as anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, LGBTQ+ concerns, autism, and navigating life transitions.

Khaliah adopts a person-centered approach to therapy, ensuring that each individual's unique needs and experiences are at the forefront of the therapeutic process. She integrates techniques from cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), psychodynamic therapy, and solution-focused therapy to tailor her approach to meet the specific needs of her clients.

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