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For your health
"Many of our fears are tissue paper thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them." 
-Brendan Francis


Stress | Anxiety | Depression | Trauma | Life Transitions

Life can bring us great joy, but it can also present with some unwavering challenges.


At Therapeutic Links, we will help you work through those moments of frustration when you feel like you're stuck or not making any progress. You will benefit from a non-judgmental perspective as we assist you in getting through the rough patches.


Our sole focus is to provide services based on your personal needs and to assist you with reaching your goals. You will benefit from person-centered planning and techniques to help you manage or overcome problems, increase specific skills and improve your life experience.


Our staff consists of a team of professionals w/over 20 years of experience collectively, to provide you with the support and expertise you need to make positive changes in your life and relationships.


We believe that your emotional well-being is an important part of your overall health, and we are committed to promoting wellness in all its forms.


Even if you are afraid of change, we will help you focus on new possibilities!

Ages Served

  • Children 10 and up

  • Teens

  • Adults of all ages

Types of Therapy

  • Individuals

  • Couples & Family

  • Group

We help with...

Anxiety & OCD

Panic & Worry



More help for... 

Behavior Modification


ADHD & Stress

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